Master the Media {Complete}

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Master the Media {Complete}


You have a message you were born to contribute.

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Overview of PR and Media: What you need to know to get noticed

How to Identify Your Target Customer and Raving Fans

How to Find Your Talking Points, Media Angles, and the Right Reporter to Champion You

How to Crush Your Media Interview

How to Leverage Your Interview to Get More Features Later


Plus some very special surprises, bonuses, guest appearances, and extra awesome goodies. . . 

BONUS ONE: Pitch Perfect Module: How to Negotiate a Writing Partnership withYour Dream Outlet 

BONUS TWO: Social Media Savvy: Insights from Social Media Influencer Chelsea Krost on How to Leverage Social for Media 

BONUS THREE: Speaker Secrets: Strategies to Pitch Yourself for Workshops, Panels, and Keynotes... Even if You Have Never Spoken Before

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Frequently Asked Questions About Master the Media

Who is Master the Media for?

This course is ideal for the early stage founder in years 0 - 5 of their business, the small business owner, solopreneur, service provider, coach, author, social entrepreneur, non-profit, creator, anyone seeking to go big, or someone who wants to become a thought leader in their industry. The ideal student for this course is someone who wants to stop playing small, leverage media to amplify their brand, or get the attention they deserve… on a budget. 

When is the best time to take Master the Media?

This course is ideal if you are planning to launch your product, brand or business within the next six months, if you want to scale your press features to amplify and grow your business, or if you are in a pivot phase where you are trying to figure out exactly what the heck you’re doing and how to tell the world about it… with style!

What is the format for Master the Media?

The course modules will be delivered to you every 7 days. You'll receive an email letting you know when your gift has arrived. Master the Media is in an audio format partnered with PowerPoint presentations for comprehensive audio and visual learning. The videos will have downloadable fun sheets and templates you can use to apply the lessons to your product or business. 

How long will Master the Media take to complete?

The course includes three total hours of content. However, it is packed with information. We recommend that you give yourself 2 hours per week to listen to the course and implement the homework. At the end of six weeks, you will have all the information you need to pitch yourself to major media outlets!

When can I take the course?

You will be able to learn at your leisure once the modules are live. If you get a little behind… don’t worry! You have lifetime access to all of the lessons. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to Master the Media, including each new update, improvement, additional modules, and the coaching calls that are included in course in the future. 

How do I qualify for the bonuses?

To qualify to get access to the actual reporters, journalists, and media professional call during the course, you must sign up as an early bird registrant. Once you register, you must indicate that you have completed the first three modules and the corresponding homework in order to register for the live call with the media professional. 

Will the price change?

Master the Media is launching at the introductory price of $350 / month. We are already working on tremendous improvements, legendary new modules to add, and a fresh new look for subsequent launches (which will be at a higher price.) If you purchase today, you will secure access to all future launches at the locked in rate of $350 / month. In exchange for this amazing rate, we will be seeking your feedback at frequent intervals throughout the course so we can continue to improve it in the future. Deal?

Does this course include information about how to pitch myself to contribute to major media outlets?

Master the Media is a Publicity Accelerator designed to teach you the secrets and strategies used by the best agencies in the world to secure traditional media features. The principles will be similar when pitching for writing partnerships, but this course will focus on how to secure features in print, online, TV, radio, podcasts, and blogs.

Will this course teach me how to land speaking opportunities to get on stage?

Master the Media will teach you the formulas to start getting out there as a thought leader, but the emphasis will be on leveraging traditional media. The principles will be similar and will certainly help you, but this course will focus on how to secure features in print, online, TV, radio, podcasts, and blogs.

Will Master the Media help me generate sales?

It may! While PR does not guarantee direct correlation to product sales, think of PR as one critical piece of your overall marketing pie. It’s extremely important for raising awareness and building your tribe of raving fans, gain credibility, and possibility will even help you raise a round of funding! 

Why PR instead of Facebook ads or marketing?

Think of your favorite coffee joint, fashion brand, or travel destination. Chances are you heard about it and fell in love due to a raving review from a friend (i.e. word of mouth.) Instead of an advertisement in a newsfeed or on a billboard, people trust story reviews about a product, brand, or service in a media outlet. Why? Because they know that journalist was not paid to write it… it was genuinely awesome, and it will stick in their minds longer. 

Does Master the Media guarantee that I will secure media after taking it?

Master the Media cannot guarantee that you will secure media; however, neither can any PR agency. The cool thing is, we literally teach you our formula for success to empower you to become the media darling you dream about… after all, who can tell your story better than you?

Do you offer a refund?

Master the Media wants you to be absolutely blown away by the quality and content of the course. If for any reason, you have completed the modules and are less than stoked, we will offer you a special 30-minute deep dive strategy session to troubleshoot your media plan. Simply write us at and share your fun sheets with us for some extra love.